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"You can't play loud in a chamber ensemble. Trumpet? You'll overwhelm everyone. The orchestra is really for playing loud. Then you can make those little violinists just shiver. And the oboe turns around and starts complaining. You know, that's what you really love when you're a trumpet player: "Could you guys stop?" BOMMM! and you play louder. The conductor's hand starts coming up before you come in. But in a chamber ensemble, no. It's not enough people to overblow. You want to have the feeling you're really overtaking something, you know, you like to have 40 or 50 people between you and that podium. That really gives you a feeling of achievement. If it's just two or three, it takes all the fun out of playing loud."

Wynton Marsalis

Bach Model LT190

Stradivarius Bb Trompet
uit de professionele Commercial Serie
handgemaakt model uit de topklasse
medium-large (459") en large (462") boring
lichtgewicht koperen beker
Bach 3C mondstuk


Bach Model 180S37

Stradivarius Bb Trompet
handgemaakt model uit de topklasse
elke beker is uit één stuk vervaardigd
en handgehamerd (#37 beker)
medium-large boring 459" (=11,66 mm)
standaard gewicht
standaard constructie #25 leadpipe
Monel ventielen
Bach 7C mondstuk
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